Yuriko Takato – A Trauma-Informed Psychologist

A Trauma-Informed Psychologist At Flow Recovery Retreat In Phuket – Thailand

Yuriko Takato

She is a vibrant and energetic therapist who has worked with a multiplicity of populations across the globe.

Most recently Yuriko spent three years working as an addiction specialist at Hope Rehab in Thailand. She has worked as a social skills instructor with prisoners in Spain. She was the coordinator and supervisor for the Latino Suicide Lifeline in Japan. She has also worked on human rights and LGBTQ and gender-based violence with migrants in Mexico.

Yuriko’s holistic integrative approach ranges from CBT, Smart Recovery, DBT, Transactional Analysis to EMDR, TRE or Internal Family System, as well as other creative and somatic techniques. Her vast therapeutic toolbox enables Yuriko to tailor sessions to her clients’ needs.

“It’s never too late to reclaim and heal your inner child”