The Most Luxurious Rehab Centers In The World

Looking For Luxury Addiction Rehabilitation Centers?

Check Out The Top 7 Luxury Rehab Centers In The World

It’s not surprising that many people would gravitate toward the most luxurious rehab centers available in the world when it comes to recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. These luxury rehab centers ensure they offer high-end comforts that come with complete addiction treatment far beyond what can be found in any regular treatment center. While these treatments and amenities do come with a price tag, many people find that these extra comforts provide them with a more holistic, more pleasant, easier way to stay committed and longer-lasting recovery process. So if you are looking for luxury rehab centers, make sure to continue reading as we present to you which are the world’s top 7 luxury rehab centers. 

Here is a list of some of the most luxurious rehabilitation centers around the world (kindly, note that they are not in alphabetical order)

1. Beachway Therapy Center – An Addiction & Mental Health Treatment In The US

📍 West Palm Beach, Florida 

Specializes in Substance Abuse and Depression 

Beachway Therapy Center is a globally recognized provider of addiction and mental health treatment located in Palm Beach County. Established in 2008, the center focuses on treating those with recurring mental health issues by providing evidence-based and creative holistic therapy. The highly professional staff are dedicated to delivering all services in a supportive and respectful environment.

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2. The Diamond Rehab Center – Thailand’s Leading Addiction Treatment Institutions

📍 Phuket, Thailand

Specializes in: alcohol addiction 

One of Thailand’s leading addiction treatment institutions, The Diamond Rehab Center offers comprehensive treatment programs for a variety of substance abuse addictions with a specialization in alcohol addicition.

The staff at The Diamond Rehab Center assists clients in making the safest and most effective transition from addiction to sobriety. The center’s Thailand Holistic Treatment Vacation provides a refreshing break from the daily alcohol triggers and cravings while the drug and alcohol addicition treatment plans are created by a team of experts based on each client’s specific needs.

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3. Paracelsus Recovery Center – The Worlds’ Most Prestigious Rehabilitation Institute

📍 Zurich, Switzerland

Specializes in alcohol and drug addiction 

Regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious rehabilitation and wellness institutes, Paracelsus seamlessly integrates a beautiful setting with a comprehensive treatment program for addiction, eating disorders and occurring mental health concerns and problems.

One-on-one client care is high quality, and the four-week residential program is tailored to individual participants’ needs. Programs are offered in the luxurious comfort of on-site clinical villas, or alternatively at the client’s home. The Residential Program includes an expert live-in therapist available for support 24/7. 

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4. The Sanctuary, Byron Bay – World’s Most Private, Secure & Discreet Luxury Healthcare

📍 Byron Bay, Australia

Specializes in drugs and alcohol

The Sanctuary Byron Bay endeavors to provide clients with easy access to the world’s most private and secure high-quality healthcare. Part of The Sanctuary World, the treatments at our flagship facility which opened in 2004 are entirely discreet.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay provides individual, luxury therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation programs in Byron Bay, a popular coastal town and resort area on Australia’s eastern coast. 

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5. Ibiza Calm – A Private Rehab Center In Spain

📍 Ibiza, Spain

Specializes in drugs and alcohol addiction 

Located in Ibiza, Spain, Ibiza Calm is a private rehab center specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction including prescription drugs, and process addictions such as eating disorders, gambling and codependency. Treatments for depression, bipolar disorder and burnout are also available. 

Ibiza Calm offers a welcoming and relaxing environment that is both loving and nurturing. We encourage our clients to break free from whatever has been holding them back by using a combination of tailored psychological and complementary therapies.

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6. Sivana Bali Treatment Center – Indonesia’s Most Prestigious Drug Rehabilitation Center

📍 Bali, Indonesia

Specializes in Drugs and Alcohol 

The most prestigious drug rehabilitation center in Indonesia, Sivana Bali Treatment Center is an affordable luxury rehabilitation center. The professional and qualified staff assist those with addiction to reconnect to their lives, families and communities.

The on-site medical care facility and 24-hour support meets the highest global standards for addiction treatment. Furthermore, our staff is supervised by Bali’s top drug addiction treatment and detoxification professionals. 

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7. Veda Rehabilitation Center – India’s Super Luxurious Rehabilitation Center

📍 Mumbai/Bangalore, India 

Specializes in Drugs and Alcohol

Veda Rehabilitation Center is the premier holistic healing and wellness destination in India. Treatment protocols are based on a dedicated mix of modern medicine, counseling and talk therapy combined with advanced treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Matrix Model Therapy.

Clients have the privilege of having a personalized team of four professionals including a psychiatrist, nutritionist, general practitioner and psychologist. The personal team work together to offer comprehensive plans suitable for diverse treatments. 

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