Meet Flow’s Executive Life Coach – Celine Fontaine

Meet Flow Recovery Retreat’s Executive Life Coach

Celine Fontaine

Celine is a skilled and certified coach, trainer, and facilitator, having previously served as the regional head of learning and development for an international law firm.

Celine has spent the last 20 years pursuing her life’s passion in adult learning and development, assisting people from all walks of life in discovering themselves and uncovering a clearer roadmap to their ingenuity. Coaching, she believes, is a process of enlightenment for both her client and herself.

She has worked with a number of large organizations in a variety of industries in both Europe and Asia. Her clients hire her because of her depth of knowledge in motivating, educating, and inspiring them to achieve greater success, both professionally and personally. They describe her as friendly, empathetic, professional, and very trustworthy.

Celine, a graduate in Business Management and Sociology, has since been trained and certified as a professional coach by the ICF. Her insatiable curiosity and voracious appetite for knowledge led her to adult developmental theories, motivational and change theories, applied positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, somatic work, and resilience strategies. She has gained and continues to gain extensive knowledge and practical experience in all of these areas.

One of her proudest achievements was leaving the comforts of her life for two years to volunteer in the shanty towns of Manila and the streets of East Harlem in New York City. Serving the less fortunate, who frequently face multiple adverse life events, provided her with invaluable life experience and taught her about resilience. Her life lessons from those experiences have remained with her to this day.

Celine is an advocate for more conscious living in addition to her work. She divides her free time between her lovely family and her passion for personal development, where she continues to deepen her knowledge of both Eastern and Western practices to cultivate the mind, body, and soul connection.