Madeleine Woodward – Flow Recovery Retreat’s Energy Healer and Support Staff

Flow Recovery Retreat’s Energy Healer and Support Staff

Madeleine Woodward

As a Holistic Therapist &  Consciousness Coach,  Madeleine is committed to the path of life recovery, life transformation, self-rediscovery, awakening, loving-kindness, compassion and conscious living. 

With her personal exposure to suffering, depression, anxiety, burnout, substance abuse, an eating disorder and eventually separation from spirit, she was humbly introduced to her calling as a facilitator in the world of complementary medicine and holistic healing. 

Madeleine combines the therapeutic touch of traditional Usui Reiki along with other healing modalities such as biofield balancing, reflexology, breathwork, crystal healing, colour therapy, sound healing, ancient shamanic teachings, meditation and mindfulness techniques and the power of positive affirmations, to maximise healing potential by balancing the body’s energy systems.

Over the years she has helped people with a variety of health and wellness needs from cancer patients to workaholics to those who are feeling generally unsatisfied with life and perhaps seeking fulfilment in a new way. 

Madeleine’s experience as a practitioner covers many areas of the health and wellbeing spectrum such as stress, anxiety, worry, fear, addictive behaviours and obsessions, dysfunctional belief systems, life transitions, trauma, illness and disease.

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