How Yoga & Mindfulness Helped Me Recover From Addiction

How Ashtanga Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality and Healthy Eating Changed My Life

Justin Cloud

Originally from the United States, Justin is a World Traveler, Yoga Teacher, Chef and Guided Meditation Instructor.

At the age of 10 he began drinking and smoking marijuana, by 14 was a daily user and started experimenting with hallucinogens, and by 15 began doing cocaine. He worked in fine dining restaurants throughout the US and Europe where his addictions thrived.

Having gone through the perils of alcoholism and addiction for 20 years, Justin developed a bleeding ulcer and acute pancreatitis due to his drinking when he was 33. On the verge of organ failure, he was given the choice of quitting drinking or death. In Spite of the diagnosis he continued drinking for two years, until his life and health completely came apart and he hit rock bottom.

He spent eight days in a medical detox in Berlin getting sober and left everything behind, moving to Thailand to go to rehab. 

He found true recovery by embracing the principles of AA, developing Buddhist Practices and beginning to practice Ashtanga Yoga. Eventually moving to Mysore, India, to deepen his Ashtanga Yoga practice and get his Yoga Teacher Training. 

He began to cultivate Daily Practices to change negative patterns in his behavior and to deal with the day to day struggles life can bring.

Through the Daily Practices of Ashtanga Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality and Healthy Eating Justin was able to find a design for living and bring real long lasting change into his life.

Justin focuses on giving back by helping those in recovery (and anyone else) that is hoping to change their life by sharing his experience, strength and hope. Teaching what he has learned on his path to finding serenity through acceptance and letting go. He has focused his life on helping others on their journey.