Best Sober Living Retreats In The World

Best Sober Living Retreats In The World

Sober retreats offer a unique space for respite for individuals in recovery from substance abuse or those looking to maintain a sober lifestyle. A place to take a break from the stresses of daily life and focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These retreats can be found all over the world, each offering a unique experience and set of amenities to help guests relax and recharge. In this blog, we will explore some of the best sober retreats in the world, highlighting each of their exceptional features and look at why they stand out as top destinations for those seeking a sober getaway.

What is a sober living retreat?

A sober living retreat is a residential facility that provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals in addiction recovery from substance abuse or those seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle. These retreats typically offer a range of amenities and activities designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, including group therapy sessions, fitness classes, and recreational activities.

Sober living retreats are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a supportive and healthy environment in which to focus on their recovery journey or for those seeking a respite from the stresses of daily life in order to maintain their sober lifestyle. They can provide a sense of community and support for individuals who may be struggling to stay sober on their own, and can be an important stepping stone on the path to long-term recovery.

The Top 8 Best Sober Living Retreats In The World

Looking for a supportive and healthy environment in which to focus on your recovery journey or maintain a sober lifestyle? Check out our list of the top 10 best sober living retreats in the world for some inspiration on where to go for your next recovery retreat.

1. The Meadows in Arizona

A Sober Living Retreat in Arizona – United States

For over 45 years, The Meadows has been helping men and women aged 18 and older to overcome addiction, heal unresolved emotional trauma, and develop the tools they need to succeed. The facility has received ASAM certification, which recognizes its commitment to providing outcome-oriented and results-based treatment.

At The Meadows, clients can receive specialized treatment for substance use disorders, mental health issues, and trauma. The facility’s expert medical and clinical staff includes 24-hour nursing, on-site physicians, and a full-time chief of psychiatry, all of whom are trained in trauma resolution and use the latest therapeutic modalities alongside proven, research-based methods. The Meadows understands that each client has their own unique story, so the facility works with them to create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of therapies in order to maximize their potential for healing and growth.

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2. Flow Recovery Retreat – Phuket, Thailand

A Sober Living Retreat In Thailand

Flow Recovery Retreat is a sober living retreat located in Phuket – Thailand. The retreat offers a range of amenities and activities designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, including daily yoga and meditation sessions, fitness classes, and group therapy sessions. The retreat also offers a range of outdoor activities and adventure sports, such as rock climbing and kayaking, to help guests challenge themselves and build confidence in their sobriety.

Flow Recovery Retreat is committed to providing a supportive and healthy environment for individuals in recovery from substance abuse or those seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle. The retreat’s recovery program is structured and supportive, and is designed to help guests build the skills and confidence they need to maintain their sober lifestyle long-term. The program is held at the retreat’s sober living home, which is located in a peaceful and serene setting, providing guests with a comfortable and supportive environment to focus on their recovery journey.

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3. The Ranch Tennessee

Tennessee, United States

Located in Nunnelly, Tennessee, The Ranch TN is a mental health treatment center that assists clients in overcoming mental health disorders, compulsive behaviors, and addictions. The facility’s multidisciplinary clinical team believes that every individual who comes to the center has the potential for a brighter future. The Ranch TN offers evidence-based therapy programs and access to a variety of holistic modalities, such as equine therapy.

The Ranch Tennessee - Sober Living Retreat - The best in the world - flow recovery retreat thailand

The center is situated in a peaceful and picturesque environment surrounded by the woodlands and rolling hills of Central Tennessee. The Ranch TN has received numerous recognitions and accreditations from healthcare organizations for its commitment to providing high-quality care. The center also has both gender-specific and condition-specific housing options, as well as specialized treatment programs for substance abuse, process addiction, mood disorders, eating disorders, and sex addiction.

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4. The Guest House Ocala

Connecticut, United States

The Guest House Ocala is a premier treatment facility that helps individuals who struggle with self-defeating behaviors related to trauma and underlying issues. The facility is equipped to assist guests in overcoming trauma-induced substance abuse, process addiction, anxiety, or depression in a safe, comfortable, and confidential setting.

The Guest House Ocala is located on a privately-owned 52-acre estate in Silver Springs, Florida, which provides a secluded and tranquil environment for healing. The facility is accessible to modern amenities when necessary and encourages community healing and bonding through group therapies and interactivity. The Guest House Ocala also provides a world-class treatment facility that is medically equipped to help individuals heal physically. The facility’s goal is to provide for all of their guests’ needs, including medical, therapeutic, nutritional, and wellness, until they are ready to face the outside world again.

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5. Stony Brook Recovery in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, United States

The Stony Brook Center is a treatment facility located in Framingham, Massachusetts that specializes in substance abuse and mental health. The center provides professional services to individuals in need and offers customized treatment plans based on each person’s specific recovery needs.

The center offers a range of treatment options, including aftercare support, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment, as well as additional therapies. Intensive outpatient programs at the center typically involve group therapy sessions held on weekdays, with some programs also offering services such as employment assistance and medication management. Outpatient treatment at the center is suitable for individuals in the early stages of addiction or those struggling with lower intensity addictions, and may include peer group support, 12-step programs, and individual counseling.

6. Neovia

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

NEOVIVA is a private treatment center located in a serene and scenic environment above the shores of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. The center’s approach to recovery focuses on healing, growth, and connection and utilizes a holistic approach to working with the mind and body. This includes educational groups, biochemical restoration, and body-focused methods to help regulate the nervous system.

Neovia best sober living retreat in switzerland - flow recovery retreat thailand

At NEOVIVA, each day begins with a healthy breakfast followed by somatic sessions such as yoga, breathwork, or physical exercise. A group check-in allows clients to set their intentions for the day, and the daily schedule includes a mix of somatic and mindfulness exercises, group and individual therapies, and engagement with cutting-edge methods such as rTMS sessions to reduce cravings and improve mood. Some evenings include participation in mutual-aid groups, such as AA or NA. On weekends, the schedule is structured differently and includes trips to the surrounding area or time spent enjoying the lake and alpine scenery. Throughout their stay, clients at NEOVIVA have the opportunity to relax, take walks in the forest, spend time with the center’s donkeys, and enjoy the beautiful views.

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7. Safe House Wellness Retreat

New Dheli, India
Safe House Wellness Retreat New Dheli India - best sober living retreat in the world - flow recovery retreat thailand

Safe House Wellness Retreat is a luxurious healing and rehabilitation center located in Delhi, India that offers personalized, innovative programs that have received international acclaim for their excellence. At Safe House, clients can find a safe, secure environment with comfortable surroundings that feel like home, along with nutritious and customizable meals to accommodate any dietary needs.

The center primarily follows the Twelve Step program, which involves intensive reflection, study, clean living, and exercise without the use of alcohol or narcotics drugs. The steps are based on the Twelve Steps of AA and NA, but the center offers a widely acceptable and secular approach that accommodates different religious principles and those who are atheists and agnostics. Safe House also incorporates yoga and meditation into its program.

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8. The Banyans

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Banyans Health and Wellness is a private residential rehabilitation retreat located in southeast Queensland, Australia that offers a range of treatment options for individuals experiencing conditions such as depression and anxiety, chronic stress and burnout, drug and alcohol dependency and addiction, and eating disorders, among others.

The center’s therapies are research-based and individually tailored to the needs and experiences of each client. The Banyans offers live-in treatment over several weeks, day programs over one day per week, and online programs that are digitally delivered. The center’s approach is one-on-one and private, with no group therapy at any stage of the program, although there are some optional therapeutic guest activities available such as forest bathing and creative art classes.

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Find the Right Sober Living Retreat for You

These are just a few of the many sober living retreats available around the world. If you are in recovery from substance abuse or you’re looking to maintain a sober lifestyle, a sober living retreat is an excellent choice for taking a break from the stresses of daily life and in order to focus on your own well-being. Whether you are seeking a luxury retreat, a rustic wilderness retreat, or something in between, there is a sober living retreat out there that is right for you.

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