Best Rehab Centers In Thailand For Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Which are the Best Rehabilitation Centers in Thailand for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Everyone’s recovery journey from drug and/or alcohol addiction is unique and different, and at times it may seem very hard or even close to impossible. But as a person who has personally journeyed the path to overcome addiction, I can tell you that you are not alone and most importantly you don’t need to do it alone. There is no doubt that the recovery journey from drug and/or alcohol addiction is tough, but there are ways to make this recovery path easier. 

The first step is to make the decision to embrace change and accept that you need help. The second step is finding the right rehabilitation center with qualified professionals who have extensive experience in providing care and treatment. This alone is already a HUGE step in the right direction to change your lifestyle. But which primary care rehab centers in Thailand specialize in addiction recovery? And what are the best rehabilitation centers located here in Thailand?

Look no further, because we’ve made it easier for you. We have compiled a list of the best rehab centers in Thailand with information on what they specialize in, where they are located, a brief description of the centers, as well as their contact information.

Let’s take a look at which are the best primary care rehab centers in Thailand (listed in no particular order):

1. Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation & Recovery Center (BMRC)

Location: Bangkok, Thailand 

Specializes in: Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, smoke cessation programs, relapse prevention, psychosocial rehabilitation, anxiety and stress management, anger management, and occupational therapy.

The Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (BMRC) is part of the Bangkok Hospital Group—Thailand’s most renowned hospital, dedicated to mental health and substance addiction treatments. BMRC believes in the Recovery Oriented Services (ROS) philosophy that puts the patient at the center of the recovery treatment process wherein the facilities are designed to accommodate a wide range of therapeutic activities for both physical and mental well-being for a comprehensive recovery plan.

This Rehab Center meets international standards and is fully equipped with an outpatient clinic, an inpatient facility that accommodates up to seven patients, and a Special Care Unit (SCU) for patients who are in need of intensive monitoring. 

Their intensive three-week inpatient program is designed to optimize the rehabilitation plan, while their outpatient clinic offers a full range of mental health services. In addition, their Bangkok Wellbeing Clinic offers various healthy lifestyle and well-being programs to complement their care treatment programs.

What makes their primary care unique is that they are capable of providing other healthcare specialists as needed to fulfill the patients’ specific needs for a wholesome treatment. Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Center is especially suitable for those struggling with mental health and addiction problems who also have complicated medical issues.  


2. Inspire Rehab Center

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Specializes In: Alcohol and drug rehabilitation

Inspire Center is an American-style rehab center in Bangkok specializing in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Inspire Center is partnered with Med Consult Clinic, which is certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Health. Their recovery program is tailored to each client’s strengths to help each individual take a hands-on approach to relearn how to live their life without drugs or alcohol. With services offered by Lighthouse Human Services, which is a social enterprise certified by Thailand to provide addiction treatment. 


3. Hope Rehabilitation Center Thailand

Location:  Chonburi, Thailand 

Specializes in: Drug addiction, medication addiction, and concurrent mental health disorders.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is a holistic, well-established, internationally acclaimed rehab center accredited by the Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB). Fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and an affiliate member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners UK (FDAP) and the Association of Addiction Professionals US (NAADAC).

A five-acre residential rehab with a detox unit, a primary treatment area, and a separate advanced sober living facility. Their holistic treatment is based on the combination of evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the 12-Step Program, physical therapy, and mindfulness. An intensive program is packed with activities such as CBT counseling, workshops, coaching, mindfulness and meditation, physical fitness training, and many interesting activities such as supervised outings and weekend trips. 


4. The Dawn Rehabilitation Center

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Specializes in: Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, behavioral addiction (food, gambling, internet, sex), co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders,

Dawn Rehabilitation Center is a luxurious boutique rehab center located in Chiang Mai. It’s accredited by the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) in the Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services category. Their holistic treatment methods are based on The Twin Pillars Approach, combining evidence-based Western therapeutic approaches to regain self-sufficiency and Eastern holistic healing techniques to increase mental resilience. What is unique about these treatment methods is that they focus on treating unresolved trauma, the hidden cause of most addictions.

Dawn Rehabilitation Center is staffed by a team of licensed mental health care specialists with extensive experience in treating addiction and mental disorders including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and therapists, and supported by an onsite professional nursing team and support staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


5. Clarity Rehab Thailand (Previously Known As The Next Step Chiang Mai)

Location: Chiang Mai

Specializes in: Alcohol, drugs, anxiety treatment, gambling addiction program, internet addiction program, detox and digital addiction programs, signature trauma program.

Clarity Rehab is one of the newer rehab centers in Chiang Mai, a boutique rehabilitation center offering individualized affordable care to those suffering from addiction and/or trauma. At Clarity Rehab Thailand, you’ll find psychologist-led treatment with a holistic approach of clinically proven methods. This rehab center is rather small in terms of space, but not in size as it features 36 rooms.

A psychologist-led-three-step treatment program, which is also known as “Discovery, Resilience, Resolution” is the focus of the treatment. Each step of the program aims at the specific underlying cause of addiction, as well as equipping their clients with real-life tools that will help combat addiction.


6. Miracles Asia – Addiction Rehab Center

Location: Phuket, Thailand 

Specializes in: Alcohol Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Cannabis Addiction, Porn Addiction, Sex Addiction, Meth Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Opioid Addiction Gaming Addiction, Tramadol Addiction, Adderall Addiction, Benzodiazepine Addiction, Anxiety Treatment, Depression Treatment, Insomnia Treatment, PTSD Treatment

Miracles Asia is a primary care addiction treatment center that helps people overcome their struggles with drinking, taking drugs, and other unhealthy habits. Their rehab facility is located on the island of Phuket, in southern Thailand & their results-driven approach to treating addiction offers their guests a uniquely personalized experience.

What sets Miracles Asia apart from other rehab centers is the additional elements of their rehab program that go above & beyond the typical “holistic” approach to treatment.

The program at Miracles Asia is available in 30, 60 or 90 day packages, and all guests receive:

  • A full medical check-up at a private international hospital
  • Psychiatrist led medical detox (as required)
  • Two individual therapy sessions per week with a western psychologist.
  • Weekly one-to-one sessions with western support staff
  • Daily psychoeducation groups
  • Weekly relapse prevention groups
  • Daily group recovery meetings
  • Art therapy groups
  • Self & peer evaluation groups
  • Therapeutic exercise at the top Sports & Wellness Resort in Phuket.
  • Weekly Outings & Excursions
  • Nutritious meals
  • Continuing Care / After Care 

Miracles Asia limits the number of guests to 15 individuals at any given time to ensure that all clients receive the personalized attention they need to overcome their addiction & be able to return to their daily life with tools needed to maintain a lifelong recovery. The founders and many of the team are in recovery themselves, which has a massive impact on how treatment is delivered, as well as the amount of ongoing support that all clients receive for as long as needed after they have completed their program.


7. Siam Rehab

Location: Chaing Rai, Thailand

Specializes in: Alcohol and drugs addiction

Located far away from touristic party scenes like Phuket, Pattaya and Samui, Siam Rehab is an ideal place for alcohol and drugs rehabilitation. At Siam Rehab center, it is not a “one size fits all” approach, but rather personalized care from the qualified therapists. Some of their treatments include SMART recovery, recovery Dharma (Buddhist approach), cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Their 12 step addiction treatment center has an emphasis on fitness and exercises, therefore by the end of your recovery journey, you will be in the best shape of your life.



After completing the primary addiction treatment program, you might be asking yourself, “What happens after I come out of the rehab? What should I do after this? What’s the next step in recovery?” 

First and foremost, the fact that you have completed an inpatient addiction treatment program is a huge chapter in your recovery story. This is a profound achievement! Keep in mind that addiction recovery is a long-term process and it is normal for some to feel anxious while transitioning from a structured environment of a residential rehab facility back into everyday life. As I previously mentioned, every person’s journey toward recovery is different and unique. You can take steps to help you maintain your sobriety post-rehab and reintegrate into society. Stay tuned for more information. 

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